1. Various Artists - In Dub - Cold Busted
  2. Various Artists - In Dub - Limited Edition Compact Disc Cold Busted
  3. Various Artists - In Dub - Cold Busted
  4. Various Artists - In Dub - Cold Busted
  5. Various Artists - In Dub - Compact Disc Cold Busted
  6. Various Artists - In Dub - Cold Busted
  7. Various Artists - In Dub - Cold Busted
  8. Various Artists - In Dub - Cold Busted

Various Artists - In Dub

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Cold Busted releases a massive Dub and Reggae compilation ‘In Dub’ featuring 20 tracks from 16 different artists with styles ranging from Electronic to Roots, perfect for summertime. ‘Bubblin Dub’ from 1st Lieutenant Middle St. is happy and interesting with flange and reverb, bubbling sounds, staccato slight horns, Rasta and computer voice samples all grooving joyfully. ‘It Must Be Reggae’ by Poldoore is soulful, lovingly chill and dubby with spicy drums, a suave satisfying horn section crooning, piano and ska strings swinging you warmly. The Thai Ragga Collective brings it with the reggaelicious ‘Rain Vs Sun’ with notable heavy kick drums, percussion, bongo drums, a smooth sub bass, funky melody and an infectious rhythm and vocal sample. ‘Dub Massive’ from Yuri Petrovski starts with a satisfying sub bass kick and is a deep, calming and Electronic tune, heady and stimulating Dub, at times experimental with echoing samples. ‘A Pinch Of Dub’ from mister T. at about 68 BPM is a reggae dub beauty with an acoustic feel, horns, reeds and midrange bass wobbles, my favorite kind of Dubstep. ‘Raggarubdown’ by Drop Logik, is an upbeat Funky Dubbed out tune with an epic party boogie down bass, apt filtering, reverb Rasta samples and a sweet cymbal melody. Gofrilab gives us ‘Dub Style’ with interesting electronic sounds, reggae steady piano and fatty bass seriously grooving lows with charming flute, ska notes purring and clever edits. ‘Likkla Sound’ by 80s Casual begins with off beat guitar notes for a steady rhythm, saccharine strings singing sweetly, spaced out and elated, memorable and cool. Eclectic Reggae and Dub of a new generation, ‘In Dub’ brings all musical styles and influences from many different creative minds and tastes it’s a party, really

1. 1st Lieutenant Middle St. - Bubblin Dub  04:13
2. Doktor Gigi - The Plant  03:43
3. Evil Needle - It Must Be Reggae  02:50
4. Poldoore - Banana Hammock  03:22
5. Thai Ragga Collective - Rain Vs Sun  04:31
6. Yuri Petrovski - Dub Massive  04:38
7. Bobby C Sound TV - Ready Steady  04:03
8. mister T. - A Pinch Of Dub  04:04
9. Poldoore - Greenwood  04:12
10. Drop Logik - Raggarubdown  03:49
11. Gofrilab - Spice DUB  05:23
12. LoopMaffia - Anjoy S Anarchy  05:06
13. Gofrilab - Dub Style  07:41
14. Mojo Rising - The Tomb  08:30
15. 1st Lieutenant Middle St. - Scratch Organ Dub  04:29
16. 80s Casual - Likkle Sound  04:13
17. Evil Needle - Roots Dub  02:40
18. Astro Raph - The Art Of Love  05:28
19. Bahia Deluxe - Knysna  04:39
20. Brandon Bass - Yardie Rock  04:12