Nothing slows us down like getting demo submissions that are totally unrelated to the style we release.
With that in mind please read the following:

All demos combined must have a minimum of 35 minutes running time.

We do not release Singles or EPs. Long Players only. Anything less will be deleted.

We are looking for funk/soul, instrumental hip hop, trip hop, but are open to anything that fits the sound of Cold Busted. Soulful vocals are also ok.

Do not send 1 track. Seriously do not send 1 track. Nobody will listen to it and will be deleted. We do not release singles.

No 4/4 (4 on the floor beats – house, techno) no matter how slow the bpm. No house tracks. No wobbly basslines on anything. No glitch. No chill out. No rap.

No SoundCloud. Emails with SoundCloud links are filtered, deleted, and never seen. Do not submit tracks that are already on SoundCloud, YouTube, Bandcamp etc. Seriously…we’re not interested in tracks already online.

Do not spam our email address with your demos sent to multiple labels. Instantly deleted.

No Hip Hop with lyrics.

No previews. Tracks must be completed.

List the genre of the tracks submitted.

Don’t send wav files.

Don’t send us tunes where your artist name is shouted out.

File names must be formatted with artist & title info like this: 01_Artist_Track_Title.mp3.

Tracks should be inside a folder named as your artist name, zip the folder, then send us a WeTransfer link using the link below.

We only accept high quality mp3 links (320 kbps) of the entire tracks unmixed.

Use WeTransfer for all submissions: coldbusted.wetransfer.com

While we do download all submissions, replies are not sent to everyone.
Mastered by Misjah@24Mastering.com
Executive Producer, Derrick Daisey
All songs registered with Some Cutz Up (ASCAP)
Mastered in The Netherlands -> Pressed in Paris --> Printed in Taiwan ---> Packaged in Los Angeles